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SNAS certificate on accreditation No. S - 120 to perform tests of electromagnetic compatibility of electrical and electronic equipment, tests and technical measurements of radio equipment and components for transmitting high-frequency signals, measuring the level of electromagnetic fields and the exposure of electromagnetic waves, measuring emissions and noise exposure in living and working environment, tests for electrical safety of electric and electronic equipment and components according to the scope of accreditation mentioned in the attached certificate.

SNAS certificate on accreditation No. K - 061 for performing calibration of meters of electric AC and DC current and voltage, meters of electrical resistance, electric capacity, high-frequency damping, high-frequency power and meters of frequency under the scope of accreditation.

Confirmation of the NBU (National Security Authority) on industrial security of the undertaker - restricted / confidential issued in accordance with Sec. 50 subsec. 1 of Act no. 215/2004 Coll. on the protection of classified information and on amending certain acts.

Approval of the National Security Authority under authorization No. 2/2012 pursuant to Sec. 59 of Act no. 215/2004 Coll. on the protection of classified information and on amending certain acts for performing verification of compliance of technical security means with the security standard on physical security and building security.

Certificate of competence to carry out research and development - issued by the Ministry of Education as an administrative body competent according to Sec. 26a subsec. 11 of Act no. 172/2005 Coll. on organizing state support for research and development and amending Act no. 575/2001 Coll. on organizing government activities and the organization of central state administration, as amended, pursuant to Act no. 233/2008 Coll.