English-Slovak-English Glossary of Electronic Communications Terms – 2016
ISBN 978–80–970852–7–8

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Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic announced a competition for the systematic examination and enrichment of Slovak technical terminology of electronic communications in accordance with the Law on the State Language of the Slovak Republic 270/1995 Coll. and Law 318/2009, as amended, in order to contribute to the dissemination of scientific and technical information and to the development of the Information Society. Within the project aimed at introducing, expanding and improving Slovak professional terminology in the field of electronic communications networks, technologies and services the Research Institute of Posts and Telecommunications designed Slovak glossary of electronic communications terms based on continuous selection of new terms and definitions from the documents of international standardization organizations (ETSI, CENELEC, ITU) and from the technical literature of EU companies.

The volume of glossary is expanded and updated every year.

Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic, Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic, Department of Slovak language (European Commission – Directorate-General for Translation), University of Žilina and Slovak Telekom were contributed to the glossary contents extension.

Compiled by: Terminology Commission in VÚS. Creation and passwords content: Cyril Francisci

Expert review was provided by EMC TC 34, Telecommunications TC 41, Radiocommunications TC 80 and by Terminological Fora in 2003-2015:

Ing. Ľubor Adamec, RNDr. Miloslava Bagínová, Ing. Ján Bahýl, prof. Ing. Ivan Baroňák, PhD., Ing Peter Bíro, Ing. Ivan Bošňák, Mgr. Katarína Čermáková, Ing. František Červený, Doc. Ing. Ján Dúha, CSc., Ing. Marián Felix, Ing. Igor Foltín, Ing. Jozef Gotzman, Ing. Jozef Halamka, Ing. Peter Herkeľ, Ing. Juraj Chrenko, Ing. Ján Klátil, Doc. Ing. Ján Klima, PhD, Ing. Alfonz Končok, Ing. Milan Kováčik, Ing. Július Kotoč, Ing. Marián Kotman, Ing. Karel Křivánek, Doc. Ing. Vladimír Kudják, PhD, Ing. Ignác Kukučka, Ing. Ján Lenci, Ing. Fedor Lepiš, CSc., prof. Ing. Florián Makáň, CSc, Ing. Antonín Mareška, Doc. Ing. Martin Marko, CSc, Ing. Vladimír Murín, Patrik Novák, Ing. Juraj Oravec, Ing. Viliam Podhorský, Ing. Petra Sedileková, PhD., Doc. Ing. Ladislav Schwartz, PhD, Ing. Andrej Svatík, CSc., Ing. Ladislav Szakállos, RNDr. Jaroslava Šafránková, CSc, Ing. Roman Ščehovič, Ing. Arpád Takács, Ing. Dušan Trstenský, CSc, Ing. Ján Tuška, Doc. Ing. Martin Vaculík, PhD

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